You Know You're a Mum When…



Anxiety Knock Back

From a slight tingly left hand, I’m now convinced I’m having a stroke. Continue reading “Anxiety Knock Back”

Breast and Bottle Feeding

What would be the one thing I would do differently if I had my time again feeding my son?  Continue reading “Breast and Bottle Feeding”

Breastfeeding isn’t as natural as they make out

Struggling to breastfeed your newborn? Don’t feel a failure, it can be an absolute minefield to perfect. Continue reading “Breastfeeding isn’t as natural as they make out”

It’s not Post Natal Depression

It’s normal to have dark thoughts post birth, it doesn’t necessarily mean PND. Continue reading “It’s not Post Natal Depression”

Admitting you need help

Sometimes there isn’t a specific, clear cut reason for getting mentally ill. It just happens. Continue reading “Admitting you need help”

Am I going mad?

I’m going mad. No. I’m having a panic attack. Continue reading “Am I going mad?”

Post Birth Hair loss

Hair loss. The sneaky post birth side effect you didn’t see coming. Continue reading “Post Birth Hair loss”

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