Hello, I’m Kirsty.

I’ve commandeered a corner of the internet to survive being a stay-at-home-30-something-mum of two.

Who am I?

I’m a 31-year-old mum to 2 young children, a son aged two and a daughter born this year.

In my former life it all began when I graduated university with a law degree. I realised – perhaps a bit late – I wasn’t suited for the cut throat, constrained world of law.

Instead of following the path to becoming a lawyer, I cut free and carved out my own career in various industries.

I’ve sold school trips to teachers, launched drugs for international pharmaceutical companies and been the editor of the UKs first women’s cycling website.

Then there’s that time I quit my job (thanks to a bullying boss) to cycle the coast of the UK with my Dad.

I’ve always had a firm grip on the direction my life has taken. I’ve stuck to my guns, followed my dreams and tried my hand at things that make me happy.

Becoming a mum has diminished that control, it’s thrown my life upside down. I couldn’t prepare for what this new job had in store for me and it’s been tough.

I thought I was strong, but after imploding with postnatal anxiety five and half months after my first child was born I started youknowyoureamum.com.

In a world of manipulated social media accounts that project unrealistic expectations of what life should be like, I wanted to write, to share my world, to add to the growing momentum of blogs that speak the truth about motherhood.

Why a blog?

One word. Catharsis.

Taking a sabbatical from my career is something my husband and I agreed upon when we talked about raising our family.

Easy to agree on something when it’s a distant dream and you have NO idea what you’re getting yourself into. Quite different when that dream becomes a reality.

Now it’s here, I’m in the thick of it. My new job as a stay at home mum – 24/7 – is hands down the hardest position I’ve ever held.

Hard because it’s isolating.

Hard because it’s a thankless task.

Hard because it’s relentless.

Hard because it’s monotonous.

Hard because it’s so painfully lonely.

From the moment I wake *correction* am woken, my whole day revolves around caring for others. With such young children, it’s safe to say that nothing about my current life is my own.

Wiping bottoms, entertaining, dog walking, ironing, budgeting, cooking, cleaning, picking up toys, it’s all in my days work.

So youknowyoureamum.com is here to give me a little space. Something that’s purely my own. To write about what I want – perhaps not when I want – as Kirsty, not Mummy.