After months of stop starting, my son’s wooden and felt weather mobile is finally finished and hanging proudly in his bedroom. It only took 8-months!

I love being creative and although I’m no Kirstie Allsopp, I try to create things for my kids rather than buying generic off-the-shelf goodies.

The stuff I create isn’t anything spectacular – trust me – but I love the process and being able to say I’ve started AND finished a project. It may take longer than I want it to, but such is the life of a mum with two young children.

So here is my latest creation, felt weather hanging from a branch found in our garden.


Thanks to the fact I’m somewhat lacking in crafting skills I like to think my handiwork is simple but effective. My test for whether I’ve done a good job is if my husband can work out what I’m trying to portray.

I’m a bit weather obsessed – so very British – thanks to a Dad who couldn’t go anywhere without checking what the forecast was going to be. I thought it would be nice to pass on this appreciation for Mother Nature to my son. Cue weather mobile.



    – tree branch
    – invisible plastic thread
    – 2 shades of yellow, white, grey felt material
    – cotton to match felt material colours
    – pencil and plain paper
    – sharp scissors
    – wadding fabric
    – white, grey, blue, yellow pom pom balls
    – 2 lengths of twine
    – 2 picture hanging wall hooks
    – sewing needle
    – hammer


    – Draw freehand a sun, moon, cloud and star template
    – Cut round the templates
    – Roughly cut out pieces of material to match the size of your templates remembering to use the right colours
    – Pin the template to your material to ensure you get a fairly accurate shape as you cut
    – Repeat pinning and cutting so you have two pieces for each weather symbol
    – Once you have the following pieces cut out you are ready to pin and stitch; 2 pieces x yellow sun, 2 pieces x grey moon, 10 pieces x white clouds, 4 pieces x grey clouds, 6 pieces x yellow stars
    – Pin two pieces of material together
    – Knot and thread on a needle your matching cotton to the weather symbol you’re working on
    – Use a basic running stitch and follow the shape of the symbol about 5mm from the edge
    – STOP stitching when you have just under an inch left before you meet where you started stiching, leave the needle threaded on the cotton
    – Cut up bits of wadding fabric and stuff inside the symbol to pad out as much or as little as you want
    – Once padded to your desired level finish off stitching the material symbol shut
    – Repeat until all of your symbols have been stiched and padded, don’t worry too much about how neat the stitching is or how well you’ve padded it, the rustic look is in remember
    – Now use your invisible thread to add the coloured pom poms on your weather symbols
    – Knot the invisible thread and then with a needle, pierce the pom pom pushing it all the way down the thread until it hits the knot
    – Now thread it to the bottom of your weather symbol and double knot it, repeat as many times on each symbol as you desire
    – Use the invisible thread again to attach the symbols to the wooden branch
    – at either end of the branch tie on some twine
    – at the other end of the twine that is attached to the branch tie some loops
    – hammer in the picture hooks to the wall
    – hang the branch on the picture hooks with the loops you have created in the twine
    – stand back and admire your handiwork.