Since Sprog came along, I’ve just not been able to find the time – and if I’m honest – motivation, to exercise as much as I used to.

Pre-birth I was something of an exercise fiend, I loved PT sessions, bike riding, running and anything else that got my blood pumping.

Proof of my commitment to pushing my body to exercise I once went marginally overboard and gave myself rhabdomyolysis, a rather serious condition related to muscle breaking down due to acute trauma, that can lead to kidney failure.

So where has my mojo gone?

I am tired, but it’s that viscous cycle isn’t it. The less you do, the less you want to do.

There is less time with Sprog, but if I focused I would easily be able to find an hour here or there.

Having a Sprog is not an excuse, I know people who are far busier than me who are fitter. I just need to get my eye on the prize.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and saw a roll of back fat over the old bra strap. Eugh, how’ve I let myself get so out of shape.

Rather timely of me, I thought I’d use the classic New Year to get things moving, so here are some things I’ve noticed I need to sort out when it comes to eating less and moving more;

1. Realise for the time being I can’t do some of the types of exercise I would like to and focus on those I can

2. Use the support of my husband more, he’s a great motivator so I should stop battling him so much

3. Focus on the time I can easily get to exercise, like mornings when my husband can look after Sprog or on an evening when he gets home

4. Find an exercise buddy. I have a walking friend, but I’d really like to find someone to go to classes/run with

5. Hold myself to account. I’m going to challenge myself to ensure I get results. No more ‘oh it’s just one bit of cake, it won’t hurt’

6. Join a club. I love exercising in company and would love to joint a club, be it badminton or a road cycling club.

7. Enjoy it. I know I ALWAYS feel better after exercise, it’s that classic 2 minutes to get going that I struggle with. I just need to get out and get on with it!

I’m also going to take photos and my measurements this time. Visual and mental motivation definitely help me keep on track.

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