To help me out when the going gets tough, I’m going to create a virtual happy jar.

Struggling with sleepless nights, thankless tasks, puke-stained clothes, and Sprog’s piercing crying, it’s sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees as a mum.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed I really struggle to remove myself from the situation to regroup. Inspired by ‘18 million things‘ by @puddlemother, I’m going to try writing down the little things my Sprog does that perks up my days.

So, when all hell breaks loose I can have a squiz and cheer myself up!

  • The way you suck your thumb (or your ‘parsnips’ as your Dad and I call them) after every mouthful of food
  • Our snuggles in bed on a morning while you’re having your feed
  • Listening to you and your Dad while you’re splashing around in the bath every night
  • The shocked face you make when a bit of finger biscuit crumbles off in your mouth
  • How you can’t smile with out clapping your hands, slapping whoever is holding you or planting your face
  • The giggle you do when you stroke Dexter, or when he swacks you in the face with his tail
  • How content you are in your backpack when we’re out walking Dex, and the way you occasionally pipe up to let us know you’re there
  • The way you suffer swimming until we swing you round on to our backs and you start splashing around and giggling like a mad man
  • You’re crawling technique, how you jump your knees up under yourself and then face plant because you haven’t quite worked out how to move your arms
  • The way you sit, fiddling with your fingers ‘counting your money’ it’s SO DARN CUTE!

And just to balance things out, don’t worry you can find the bits that are sometimes a tad trying here!

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