At 7 months the little one isn’t quite throwing mega tantrums yet, but here’s a little peak into those trying times as a Mum.
I’m sure I will look back at this list and think how lucky I was at this stage…

  • How your car seat is now the axis of all evil. There was a time when you loved being popped in your car seat, now it’s tears at dawn and a cry that bursts ear drums.
  • You may be small, but my gawd son you have one heck of a mean pinch on you. We’ll be having a cuddle and all of a sudden you’ll nip my bingo wing. It takes all my power not to swear, please stop it, it really does hurt.
  • Stealth gipping. No matter how much I watch you, you ALWAYS chuck up when I’ve turned away for a NANO second. Give me a break son and let me catch it with your muslin.
  • While on the subject of gip. Why do you have you worst gipping sessions when I’m wearing one of my favourite, freshly washed outifts? Serves me right for trying to actually put some effort in to myself right!
  • The way, when you’re on the floor for play time, you seem to gravitate to all the sharp/hard/dangerous objects in the living room. I turn my back for one minute and you’ve rolled all the way towards to the stone fireplace.
  • A smiling, happy Sprog can turn into a crying monster the minute the bibs come out. No matter how I sing, dance around, make silly faces, nothing stops the tears when I’m bibbing you up. I promise you, it’s not that bad!

Would love to hear what your little darlings get up to, give me a chance to prepare for what lies ahead…

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