Sprog may only be 7-months old, but you’re never too young to learn to potty poop right?

I’m in no great rush to get Sprog potty trained, but we’ve come up with a little routine that seems to be working (at the moment) and just so happens to include pooping on the loo.

We’ve been doing this for a couple of days now and it seems to be working. Sprog wakes, I get him out of his cot and stick him on the boob for his morning feed. Once he’s done and had a little time to roll around on the bed with me, I strip him down and stick him on the loo.

After that, we jump in the shower together, and just start our morning routine as usual. After a good old splash around in the bottom of the shower (I should really get that drain unblocker out, even though Sprog loves splashing around in the impromptu bath!).

I just lower him on to the loo so everything is contained. Admittedly it did take a couple of times to get the seating position right, pee ended up escaping from between the lid and above the lip – but now we’re pros.

After he’s had a fiddle with his toes, he starts to squeeze his gut and out pops the goods. He seems to just know what to do. Magic.

While he’s doing his business, I make a big fuss about saying the ‘Poop’ word, just so when he’s talking, he can associate the word with the action and hopefully let me know. All theory at the moment, but we shall wait and see.

I can imagine, in the not too distant future, being sat in a restaurant/cafe/public place and Sprog screaming “POOOOOOOOP” but hey ho. I’m sure that will be one of the least embarrassing moments to come!

We only catch this first poop at the moment. But because Sprog is a such an expressive pooper, I’ll start whipping off his bottoms and sticking him on the potty once we’re moved.

Anywho, just thought it was rather interesting that after a couple of days, he seems to know what he’s doing when I plonk him on the loo! I’m sure it will take a LOT longer to get him pee trained, but because he’s in reuseable nappies, he hopefully won’t like sitting in a sodden nappy (rather than disposables, where they’re so efficient at wicking wee, he wouldn’t notice).

*Once we’ve moved house, I will buy a potty, but for the time being our toilet will have to make do.