With a husband severely allergic to a number of foods as a baby and Sprog showing signs of an allergy to eggs, how do I navigate the weaning journey safely?

As Sprog isn’t going to nursery any time soon, we’ve been able to take our time weaning.

We started him at 6-months on single mashed foods, such as banana, sweet potato and carrot. We have been spoon feeding, letting him take the lead, guiding the spoon to his own mouth.

It’s messy, but it’s working and it’s allowing him to learn how to feed himself and let us know when he’s full. If he doesn’t put anything in his mouth after a couple of times and just flails the spoon around, we stop.

Two weeks on, we’ve now moved to letting him hold raw carrot battons to gum, and steamed broccoli to learn how to chew. Again, this is all going exceedingly well. He enjoys sucking on the carrots and is fascinated by the texture of the broccoli.

As there’s no rush to get him on 3 meals a day for the routine of nursery, I have to admit, I don’t worry if I miss a meal giving him a breastfeed instead.

There’s also the issue of allergies.

It’s become apparent that Sprog MAY be allergic to egg. After handling raw eggs baking (before I knew Sprog was allergic), I ran my hands under water rather than wash them with soap as Sprog needed attention. Where I picked him up, his skin that had contact with my hands was hot, red, and covered in hives (urticaria).

This happened again when I gave him a wooden spatula to play with as I made his lunch. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’d turned him into the Joker, with hives spreading out from his mouth. Stupid me, I’d made omelettes with it the day before. Oh the guilt!

When Sprog gets this rash (looks like a nettle sting) he doesn’t seem to mind. He doesn’t scratch at it, it doesn’t make him cry, however, my main concern is that as with my husband, the reaction started out mild, but became full blown anaphylactic.

Perhaps I’m jumping the gun here, but us Mums were born to protect and worry right?

So, before we move to the next stage of him eating what we’re eating (minus salt etc), I’ve decided to speak with my GP. I’m wondering whether he will give us an EpiPen or instruct us to avoid certain foods until a certain age. Milk, eggs and wheat for example.

I don’t want to rush weaning, but at the same time, I want to ensure he’s getting the right nutrition. There are so many books out there, many with conflicting advice, that it’s difficult to know what’s right.

At the minute I’m trusting my gut, continuing to use breastfeeding as the main source of his nourishment. He’s happy, healthy and gaining weight I can’t be doing too badly. Plus, more importantly, he’s enjoying learning to eat.

I’m interested to see what the GP says, as I also don’t want Sprog to miss out on certain foods unnessecarily.