So, what do parents of a 7-month get up to on a Friday night?

No. It’s nothing saucy. If only.

It’s teaching your labradoodle some incredible self-restraint.

I think this may highlight just how desperate we are for a night out. Yes, we get every evening together after Sprog goes to bed, but it’s claustrophobic.

There’s no cinema, pub visits, music gigs, theatre trips or ANY outside world on an evening. It’s hard.

We have many friends and loving family, but they’re not on our doorstep.

Apart from our next door neighbour – who already look after Sprog for 2 hours once a week – we have no one around to help us.

I know I shouldn’t moan. But sometimes it’s difficult. Specially with the dark nights as the clocks have changed.

Knowing that when Sprog goes up to bed, we have to stay in the house. If we want to go out, it’s alone. I used to love our dog walks on an evening, now they’re rather lonely.

Time to start looking into babysitters perhaps, or find things to do with like-minded people on an evening sans husband. Husband has admitted he’d love an evening in on his own to play computer games.