Give reuseable nappies a chance!

Inundated with questions from inquisitive mums who spotted Sprog’s blue cloth nappy while at baby massage, it hit me just how few people consider reuseable nappies.

Many put off by the myths that still linger from yesteryear.

The two main reasons highlighted for not using reuseable nappies were cost and smell of storing the dirty nappies.

Read on to find out how much money you can save and just how far reuseable nappies have come on since terry nappies.

  • Cost

There are a couple of things to point out with my choice of reuseable nappies. First off, I’ve opted for birth to potty nappies, so one size will fit Sprog throughout his nappy days, I will not need to buy more.

Secondly, Sprog is the first of hopefully more sprogs, so I aim to use these nappies for at least another child.

These are rough calculations, please do not hold me to them. I’ve estimated being potty trained by 2 years, however this isn’t written in stone.

Lastly, as I live in Gloucestershire, I received a £30 cash-back voucher from the Cotswold District Council. It was paid straight into my bank account. Not all councils do this, however, there are some that pay back considerably more. I’ve not included this in my calculations below for fairness.

Number crunching for disposable versus reuseable nappies over 24 months:

Disposable nappies:
1. Nappies (average out at 6 per 24 hours)
4380 nappies used
51 x 86 pack nappies (£15 per pack) = £765

2. Disposable wipes (average out at 10 per 24 hours)
7300 wipes used
11 x 12 pack of 56 wipes (£11 per pack of 672 wipes) = £121

3. Nappy sacks (average out at 6 per 24 hours)
4380 bags used
15 x 300 bag pack (£0.35 per 300 bag pack) = £5.25

TOTAL = £891.25


Reuseable nappies:
1. Daytime nappies x 15 Bumgenius Freetime Onesize Nappies (£16 each) = £240
2. Nighttime nappies x 7 Tots Bots Bamboozele Stretch Nappies (£12 each) = £84
3. Nighttime nappy wraps x 4 Motherease Wraps (£10 each) = £40
4. Boosters (for extra absorbancy overnight) x 10 Little Lamb Pack = £12
5. Nappy Liners x 3 Babinex Rolls = £13.50
6. Nappy Bucket x 1 Tots Bots Bucket = £12.30
7. Nappy Bucket Mesh Bag x 2 = £8
8. Fresh Wipes Container x 1 = £7
9. Mucky Wipes Container x 1 = £10
10. Reuseable Wipes x 40 = £33
11. Essential Oils x 2 = £5

TOTAL = £464.80


*Monthly cost if used for 2 children = £9.69

  • Smell.

I dry pail and there is no smell whatsoever in the nursery near the nappy bucket.

Dry pailing means I have a bucket with just a cloth wipe at the bottom with 3 drops of tea tree oil on, and a mesh bag lining the bucket to make it easy when I wash the nappies.

When Sprog needs a change, I just remove the nappy and chuck all of it in. Because the materials used to make the nappies nowadays would degrade if left soaking in a wet pale.

When Sprog was still in the messy poo stage, I threw out the liner. However, now it’s solid, I take the liner, flush the poo nugget and pop the liner in the bucket with the rest of the nappy.