As Sprog reaches 6 months, just how has my wonderful, life-affirming little sidekick developed?

Jack, at 6 months, you’ve developed your own little character. You’re a trusting soul, who loves being held by anyone I plonk you with. You’re a smiley, talkative chap, who has a couple of ‘Pterojacktyl’ moments a day, to let everyone around know you’re here and stretch your developing vocal chords.

Your smile melts Mummy and Daddy’s heart. When you wake and see us, spot us coming into a room, we sing you a song or just generally interact with you, you beam an innocent, all-embacing smile – it lights up the room.

At just 4 weeks you were giving away smiles. Making Aunty Joana’s day as you gave her your first ever grin and giggle as we ate lunch in Mummy’s favourite cafe ‘Jacks’! Perhaps a thank you for travelling all the way down from Aberdeen to meet you!

You have developed a penchant for your right thumb. Trust me little one, you’re not going to get any milk out of there!

Daddy loves his bath time with you. He teaches you your body parts as he goes round washing every crease, fold and bit of chub. Then there’s the new trick you’ve developed. Standing, holding on to the bath with Daddy ready to catch you before your solid little legs give way.

At 5 months we moved you into your own room. It didn’t take you long to settle, if anything you actually sleep better now you’re not disturbed by us. Perhaps it’s because you’re sleeping in your Daddy’s cot, that Granny and Granddad saved specially for you.

You now fall asleep to your Daddy reading one of our favourite Julia Donaldson books. We particularly like “Tiddler”, “Zog” and “Jack and the Flumflum Tree” with their rhymes and colourful characters.

We have a solid nighttime routine which has stood you in good stead. Mummy feeds you at 6:30pm before Daddy whisks you off for your bath time. 

Once you’re bathed, dried and ready for bed, Daddy reads you your book and you drift off to sleep. We’ve dropped feeding you into a sleep coma and you’ve taken to it like a duck to water. Thank you Jack. This means Mummy can have a little more time to herself.

You may still wake once or twice a night, but we don’t mind as once you’re fed, we plonk you back in your cot and you fall back to sleep no problem.

You love your daily chats with Grandma and Granddad via Skype. If Mummy’s super busy Grandma often watches over you – ‘virtual baby sitting’ – while I run around like a mad woman!

We may still be battling with you to take the bottle. You don’t seem to want to give up the boob, but that’s ok. It’s perhaps my fault that I didn’t persist with giving you a daily bottle so you forgot how to do it. We’re seeing signs of progress though, as Grandma treated you to a new bottle that you seem to like.

Bang on 6 months we started weaning you. Foods we started off with were banana and carrot. Once you and Daddy had got the knack of feeding you absolutely wolfed it down. Daddy has incredible patience with you as you learn how to chew and swallow. Although you do have a rather squeaky swallowing valve! It’s been incredible watching you learn this new skill. It also means you’ve gone from having the world’s most catastrophically messy poops to solid nuggets – small joys!

There is one down side to weaning and that’s allergies. So far we’ve worked out you’re allergic to eggs. Mummy may have given you a spatula that we cooked eggs with, causing you to break out in hives. You were brave and it didn’t bother you one iota, it just looked rather nasty.

If you’re ever grumpy, or overtired if we sing you certain nursery rhymes it quickly sorts you out. Mummy has a ‘Koiytle-mega-mix’ as your daddy calls it, a string on nursery rhymes I belt out one after the other to soothe you. It includes, “Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toe”, “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, “Bingo”, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5” to name but a few. Your favourite seems to be “Grand Old Duke of York” you can be mid-wail and a quick rendition of this at the start of my mega mix and you’re back in the room.

We’ve gone to a lot of groups together since you were born. I took you to BEST, a breastfeeding group to build my confidence feeding you in public. We started Aquatots with you at the ripe old age of 7 weeks. Let’s just say you weren’t too keen to begin with, but you’re starting to tolerate it now, even when we repeatedly dunk you. “Ready. Breathe”.

We’ve been to Bounce and Rhyme in Fairford, where I’ve brushed up on my nursery rhymes. And lately Baby Sensory to help Mummy become more creative in our play time.

Although you’re not quite sitting unaided, you’re getting there. You were rolling back to front from 4 months. This made Mummy quite worried, watching you sleep on your front against all advice.

You developed this rolling skill while visiting Grandma and Granddad in France in August 2015. I tried 26 times to flip you one night, but you persisted flipping from your back to front. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep that night, watching to make sure you were breathing. Ever since that night in France, you’ve ALWAYS slept on your front.

At 4 months you had your first flight with Mummy. We flew to France to visit your Grandma and Grandad in their house. You loved it. Spoiled with lots of cuddles, giggles and toe tickles. We even managed to get you in the pool while Jasper watched on. You were good as gold on the flight, sleeping through the majority of the journey.

You’re not quite crawling little man, but we can see your perseverance shining through. From a slight army crawl, you’re now up on your knees and rocking back an forth. If you spot something you want, you manage to navigate to it with a series of rolls – it’s impressive to watch.

We walk Daddy to work with Dexter, Monday through to Wednesday in your Phil & Ted’s backpack. Wrapped up in your snowsuit and hat, you seem to love it. You take everything in and look super content, laughing and giggling as Daddy throws the ball for Dexter.

On Thursday’s we go out with Nicolette, Kima and Woody. You pipe up every now and again from your backpack, but for the most part just sit and look around at all the fields, trees and wildlife. These are moments I really love, being out in nature, soaking in the fresh air – it’s so peaceful.

At the moment, your favourite toys are a crinkly book with tails gifted to you by Neil and Lynsey and Sophie the Giraffe that Grandma and Granddad bought you.

We’ve not spotted any teeth yet, but you do like to put everything in your mouth. I don’t think it will be long before we start seeing little nubs popping through the gum!

Since moving we’ve made a lot of friends, but the little sprogs you spend most of your time with are Ellie and Harry. You may not be interacting much, but you do share your toys and play mats, because obviously you know how to do that at this age!

Jack, you are my world. It’s not been easy at times, but I wouldn’t change the last 6 months for anything. You, your Daddy and I are a team. We can do anything, achieve anything and are making memories to last us a lifetime.

I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months will bring.