How am I coping in week 2 of quitting refined sugar? Errr, I may have something to admit.

Refined sugar has, for years, wreaked havoc on my mind and body. After a mental wobble, I’ve decided to grab the bull by the horns and quit the evil stuff once and for all.

Here are a couple of observations from week one;

  • Portion sizes have grown exponentially. Lunches are feasts and dinners can only fit on a trough. Dropping the mayonnaise, chicken sandwiches has been hard, but it’s working, albeit due to massive portions of baked sweet potatoes, Bulgar and quinoa mix and a portion of homemade beef stew. Dinner is epic, with lots of grilled vegetables, and various meats and fish, we’re basically learning to be vigilant of EVERYTHING that passes our lips.
  • Eating more natural sugars. Mainly in fruit as it helps quench my thirst for those horrid sweet cravings.
  • More hot drinks. Large milky numbers, which is defeating the purpose as I don’t really want them, I’m swapping chocolate/sweets/cake cravings for coffee now.
  • Lots of flatulence and feeling bloated. Not sure where this is coming from, perhaps it’s my gut getting used to all of the fibrous goodies.
  • More time. We have always had a weekly menu, but this is fantastic as we’ve left nothing to chance and have purposefully done easy meals so we can get on and enjoy the food. Same with lunch, we’ve done 3 weeks of batch cooking, so all we have to do is bake the potatoes at the start of the week.

I guess what the above shows is that I’m not really addressing my relationship with food, and that although reducing refined sugar is in general helping my mood, skin and sleep overall there’s still something underlying as I’m craving the sweet stuff horrifically.

On Sunday I did fall off the wagon. Less fall off, more step down and see what it would be like to eat a piece of cake. I’d built it up in my head, we were going to walk to my favourite cafe and just have a coffee, but no – I wanted CAKE.

So, I did. I felt miserable and thought oooooo cake, that’ll cheer me up. Well, what did that hunk of lemon drizzle taste like? It was shit. Dry, tasteless and where the lemon drizzle was I do not know, it certainly wasn’t flowing through that cake.

I didn’t feel upset at myself, just a bit more determined to look at my relationship with food.

Guilty of eating everything that’s put in front of me without thinking, and always going overboard for any reason, no matter how small. This week, I’m trying to not snack on nuts/coffee and think ‘am I really hungry, or is this a craving’.

If this feeling appears, would I boil an egg or steam some vegetables right now? No? Then I’m probably not hungry, it’s a craving. If I would, then it’s probably time for my next meal.

To end on a high, here are the benefits I’ve already felt, whether they’re down to the new diet or just because I’m looking for them, who knows!

  • Better sleep. Falling asleep quicker, sleeping deeper and feeling more refreshed on waking (could also be because Sprog is now in his own room and only wakes for 1 feed)
  • Better skin. Less spots, looking fresher
  • Better mood. I’ve noticed that husband and I are giggling way into the evening now, even laughing at our sugar-free predicament rather than getting pissed off

Lets hope this continues. I fear the honeymoon period may be about to end…

Here's the menu for this week.
Here’s the menu for this week.