My name is Kirsty and yes, I’m a sugar addict.

We’re talking fascinating about cake/sweet things when I’m not eating them, buying secret stashes to hide from husband kind of addict.

More clues that I’m addicted rather than just enjoy sugar are;

  • i eat cake/sugary things even if I’m not hungry because of craving it
  • it genuinely stresses me to think about giving up sugary things
  • i get pissed off when husband tries to stop me from eating cake (think stroppy teenager)

I’m not one for faddy diets, I know the simple equation of less in the cake hole + more exercise = a slimmer, happier Kirsty. But I’m addicted.

Yesterday I weighed in at 60kg, I’m 5’3, so not massively overweight. But, I feel chubby and flabby. The muscle I worked so hard to get, has most definitely turned to fat.

Weight loss is not the main driver for going sugar-free, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t going to be a happy byproduct. It’s more to eliminate the severe highs and lows in mood and hopefully help with my panic attacks and anxiety.

Husband is on board with going sugar-free, so after a little research and inspiration from a Twitter friend we’re taking the bull by the horns and trying a no added sugar diet!

People who venture into our kitchen always spot our menu board. We’ve done it for years and it’s helped us save money, eat relatively healthily and reduce our food waste to pretty much nothing.

Instead of the usuals;

  • ribs, salad and potato wedges
  • risotto with asparagus and chicken
  • crème fraîche pasta with peas and lardons
  • sandwiches for lunch

We’re going with the following for this weeks menu;

BREAKFAST: Traditional (not quick cook) porridge with blueberries and banana

Mummy_Blog_Sugar_CravingMonday: Smoked salmon, egg, bulgur wheat salad

Tuesday: Pork chop, salad, carrot & parsnip fries

Wednesday: Beef burger, Portobello mushrooms & salad

Thursday: Halloumi, carrot & parsnip fries, bulgur wheat & salad

Friday: Chicken breast, aubergine, cauliflower mash & spinach

LUNCHES: Baked sweet potato and beef stew

The menu is not too far removed from our usual. We cook from fresh every evening but we’re stripping it of sugar in our sauces, no added dressings to our salads and perhaps the biggest change – not having bread for lunch.

We’re also having traditional porridge rather than quick-cook, as it keeps us fuller for longer. I just dread cleaning the pan afterwards, but I’m sure I’ll get over that. And although blueberries and bananas are great, they’re not honey. I like the banana but think I’ll change it to raspberries rather than the chewy frozen blueberries.