From a slight tingly left hand, I’m now convinced I’m having a stroke.

Yes, my anxiety is that bad.

It’s been kept at bay for two weeks, but something as small as this and I’m freaking out.

I can reason it out that I’m probably not having a stroke, but then that little anxious niggle is there, eating away at me.

Even after speaking with my brother who’s a GP – who says it’s most likely a trapped nerve – I still can’t fully relax. This sucks.

Learning that others around me suffer from anxiety does help, it makes me realise that it is an illness, and that it takes time to heal from. Just as this numb arm!

At least I realised I was getting anxious and started to speak with husband about it and then call my brother.

It didn’t reach the height of a full blown panic attack, I was close, but I brought myself down.

Brother was epic, and the more I’m honest about my experiences, the more I’m finding I have such an amazing network of friends and family who want to help me. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone.