What would be the one thing I would do differently if I had my time again feeding my son? 

I’d make sure he could bloody well take the bottle, that’s what.

Speaking as a VERY sleep deprived mother I can’t tell you how much I wish I’d kept bottle feeding up after those first weeks expressing.

I was so darn elated that Sprog could take the boob that I immediately stopped expressing and hid all paraphernalia that reminded me of that god awful ordeal.

Finally, I could go out the house for more than 10 minutes and not worry about sterilising bottles, and turning myself in to a prize Fresian cow every 3 hours. It was a revelation and one that I was going to enjoy to the max.

It didn’t occur to me in my tired, elated fog that;

A. Sprog would be so quick in forgetting how to take the bottle

B. How important it was for me to have proper alone time during the day, which is impossible if only I can feed him, specially in those early days when he fed so often

C. In the same vein, how much we all need uninterrupted sleep once in a while. Another impossibility if he only takes the boob and not a bottle.

I’ve hallucinated about sleep, cried about the lack of it, turned it into a competition with the husband about who gets the least!

I used to be like, ‘oh don’t you worry about me, I can survive without much sleep’.

Shut up Kirsty, no you fucking can’t. No one can. That’s why it’s used as a form of torture.

So as much as health care professionals say ‘breast is best’ for the sake of your sanity, please be kind to yourself and try to give your wee one just one bottle a day from the get go.

Yes, it can be difficult. Expressing can be painful and a faff, sterilising bottles a bind. But don’t forget there is formula. It’s not the devil – I promise. I was formula fed (perhaps not the greatest sign then 😉 ).

I’d take 10 minutes sterilising any day over five and a half months of interrupted sleeps, no me time and a constant fog of tiredness and sow times feeling a little trapped.