A proper nap. Tucked up, alone, in his nursery, for more than a snatched minute or two.

It’s 14:00 and sprog has been asleep since 13:30 in his own cot, in his own nursery and I’ve been able to eat lunch with TWO HANDS! TWO CAREFREE SODDING HANDS!

This may not excite other mums, but for me it’s a minor miracle.

Since day dot, we’ve not really had a daytime routine. By the time I know where I am, it’s 17:00 and husband is walking through the door.

The only thing we have been militant about is his night time routine. Why? So we could get our precious evenings back. A few quiet hours where husband and I can actually talk adult things, and god forbid, think about sex again.

During the day, time just gets away from me. Doodle needs walking, shit needs doing and every baby group known to man seems to be held at the precise time Sprog should be napping.

FFS they’re run by women who are mums themselves, you’d expect them to know better. But no.

A standard week looks a little like below;

Monday, Aquatots 12:40

Tuesday, Baby Sensory 12:45

Wednesday, Baby Massage 13:00

Thursday, you get the idea…

Now, yes, I should be thankful there are so many groups for us to go to. And, yes, they’ve been a life line for meeting new friends as we’re relatively new to our area.

But, COME ON PEOPLE. I completely understand that mums have other little ones to drop off and pick up from school, but purlease. Surely a 10am group would be a little more appropriate. Or even a 2pm slot.


Now instead of ranting on, I’m going to make a cup of tea, and luxuriate in what ever amount of time I have left before Sprog wakes up!