You Know You're a Mum When…

The Truth About Big Boob Breastfeeding Bras

At a sizeable 30J, bras WITH underwires are my friend. They’re not the horrid mastitis-causing, duct-plugging foes that most websites lead me to believe. Continue reading “The Truth About Big Boob Breastfeeding Bras”

9 Tips For Surviving The Early Days of Parenting Two Children Under Two

You’ve done it once, you’ve got the t-shirt and you’ve earned your parenting-spurs. How hard can it be throwing a second child into the mix?
Continue reading “9 Tips For Surviving The Early Days of Parenting Two Children Under Two”

Is Life Without Children More Enjoyable?

Of course I’d not be without my kids, but we all need a good old whinge every now and again. Continue reading “Is Life Without Children More Enjoyable?”

Why My Kids Started Using A Potty At Six Months Old

First off, this isn’t a smug post about my kids being potty trained early, far from it. My eldest son is 2-years 7-months and isn’t yet fully potty trained.
Continue reading “Why My Kids Started Using A Potty At Six Months Old”

I Can’t Have It All As A Mum

It’s hard admitting that I get frustrated that I’m no longer my first priority. That parts of my life have had to take a back seat while my kids are so young.
Continue reading “I Can’t Have It All As A Mum”

Toddler Bedroom: DIY Felt Weather Mobile 

After months of stop starting, my son’s wooden and felt weather mobile is finally finished and hanging proudly in his bedroom. It only took 8-months! Continue reading “Toddler Bedroom: DIY Felt Weather Mobile “

It’s Not Easy Meeting Friends As A New Mum

It’s hard enough to make new friends as an adult, but add in a flapping boob and a toddler on the precipice of a tantrum and it’s enough to make me give up before I’ve even started.
Continue reading “It’s Not Easy Meeting Friends As A New Mum”

Divorced Over a Muslin

A stay-at-home-mum with a husband, two children, a labradoodle and a 4-bed house in the idyllic Cotswolds. The classic all-looks-perfect-from-the-outside life. Continue reading “Divorced Over a Muslin”

Being Mum to Mixed Race Children

I live in the heart of the Cotswolds and as a white mum to a son and daughter that are half Chinese – we stand out. Continue reading “Being Mum to Mixed Race Children”

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